Friday, June 8, 2012

Sample Menu Items 

We have over 40 menu items, ALL Vegan! 

Below are a few of our most popular dishes 

Senroppon Salad
A light crispy shredded salad of radish and carrots with a rice-vinegarrette 

Blanched spinach and broccolini with sesame dressing 

Tonchi Nasu 
Stuffed eggplant tempura with a ginger glaze

Layered Portabella mushroom and atsuage tofu with kiwi sauce

Moon Garden 
Steamed tofu custard topped with seasonal vegetables

Curry Udon (Or Soba or Clear Rice Noodles if you prefer)
Soup noodles served in a hearty curry broth with seasonal vegetables

Broiled eggplant, tofu and mushrooms served with a traditional miso-dengaku glaze

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